Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tips On How to Promote Your Book

Starting our own publishing firm was, and still is, hard work. Obviously, it's work we love and definitely thrive on. Book promotion has been a priority because we want to work with our authors on marketing their books. Hopefully, authors will do what they can to promote their own books. But we are on the journey with them.

Even Jerry B. Jenkins was helpful with good tips for the self-publisher when he guest wrote a post on Tony Eldridge's "Marketing Tips For Authors" Blog. There's a lot to learn but I guess all anyone can do is take it one lesson at a time.

Amazon ListMania is one of Amazon's own tools to help anyone with the promoting process. Here's our list which we simply called Authors We Love. Creating a list allows an author or customer to add their favorite books which will include your own, and your friends books. There's a link to Twitter and an html code to share on your personal blog much like I've done here. Other people on Amazon can advertise your list, especially if you've added their books, or perhaps they'll add you to their list. Ah, networking and making friends.

I personally, like Bob Baker's Blog for the self-publisher. Plus he has a free newsletter to keep you up to date. Hmm, maybe I should do a free newsletter. In any case, we'll have more links to share with you soon.

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