Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ongoing Fiction Published On Associated Content

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I'm not sure what one would call a novel being written by different authors. So far there are three, really four (I haven't published her poem yet), who have contributed. There's a little bit of editing going on as well, so in the end I should give them credit also. We don't know where the story is taking us, though we have some sort of outline . . . blurry as it might seem. This, of course, means we are breaking a few rules of writing. For now, it's being published on Associated Content. Not a lot of money is exchanging hands which might change if we can establish a loyal group of readers.

Nevertheless, we are up to chapter 6. By that I mean Chapter 6 still needs to be written. Chapter 5, Intimus Sanctum, written by Susan Skomessa, was the last installment.

There's a handsome knight who might possibly have romantic feelings for his Queen who he must protect. The King is in battle (we haven't gotten into the King's side of the story yet) but he trusts his Knight to bring the Queen and her son (apparently, a son destined to unite all kingdoms of the ancient world), to safety. The forest is dangerous,especially for lonely warriors, the guardians (good or bad?) are waiting for their arrival.

Does the Queen have feelings for her protector, J'than? Who is this child of destiny? What does the birthmark behind his ear mean? Is the Land of Berothai magical or cursed? Why is it hidden to the common man?

Here are the chapters thus far . . .
Knight of Honor
Knights and Queens and Coffee
A Bell In The Rocks
The Guardians of Berothia
Intimus Sanctum

Excerpt from A Bell In The Rocks: Their journey continued. The fire of the torch grew stronger and brighter the closer they walked to Berothai. If they strayed to the left, or to the right of the narrow path, the flames diminished.

Suddenly, a fierce snarl came from above them. Jthan looked up to see a daughter of Nyx perched on a branch. She was dark and beautiful and for the moment the knight was mesmerized.

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