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Cool Charities: Club GoBeDo

One of the ladies from my writers group has started a charity that is literally going global. Jerri James' Club GoBeDo has a simple mission. Here's their mission statement . . . 

100,000 kids in the U.S. giving 100,000 pairs of shoes to orphans worldwide. Club GoBeDo is designed to inspire and facilitate selflessness, service and compassion in our children. In addition to donating 10% of its gross profits from products to its non-profit partners (Shoes for Orphan Soles and Buckner International), Club GoBeDo also provides free resources for a variety of activities, from the Club GoBeDo Birthday Club to the Shoe Drives and Shoe Parades, that kids and their parents can get involved in to collect and donate shoes, a basic but often overlooked need.

News Release:
Club GoBeDo Launches with a Simple, Yet Powerful Mission: 100,000 American Kids Giving 100,000 Pairs of Shoes to Orphans

Social Enterprise to Donate 10% of Gross Profits to Non-Profit Partners; Facilitates Shoe Drives, Shoe Parades, Birthday Club Parties and GoBeDo GIVES Campaign

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – According to UNICEF, there are 148 million orphaned children worldwide. These millions of children need help fulfilling their most basic needs, including a pair of shoes to protect their feet. To address this need, Club GoBeDo (Go somewhere, Be a voice, Do something) was designed to not only inspire, but to mobilize and equip youth to donate shoes and help bring relief to orphans around the world. The mission is simple: 100,000 kids in the U.S. giving 100,000 pairs of shoes to orphans in need.

“It is our vision at Club GoBeDo to not only place shoes on the feet of 100,000 orphans and at-risk children, but to also inspire and facilitate selflessness, compassion and giving in a way that young children can understand,” explained Jerri James, children’s author and founder of The Orphan Campaign and Club GoBeDo. “Our events and products are designed to begin the process of shaping our kids into young people who think of others first.”

How Club GoBeDo works:

Step 1: Create Awareness and Educate

· Shoes – The inspiring children’s picture book is written by Club GoBeDo Founder Jerri James and illustrated by Norma Samuelson. This is the lyrical story of Margaret Elizabeth, a young girl who looks in her closet and realizes she has lots of shoes, plenty in fact. Her heart is moved with compassion for others who are not as fortunate and she decides to do something about it.

· Stiktures™ – These sticky-note pads with daily Bible scriptures include 50 verses about serving and caring for others. Each sheet is designed as a powerful reminder of God’s love and care towards all people. Each day, parents are encouraged to stick a new sheet on bedroom walls, bathroom mirrors, refrigerators, car seats and kitchen tables to surround their children’s lives with beautiful verses on service and selflessness.

· “Songs About Loving and Serving Others” Music CD – Acclaimed singer and songwriter, Mary Rice Hopkins has partnered with Club GoBeDo to create this album as a fun and easy way to share the values of sharing, caring and loving others.

· Cartoon – Club GoBeDo members are encouraged to watch a short cartoon to understand the true meaning of serving others: [Link to cartoon]

· Speaking Engagements – Jerri James has been all around the world speaking to parents and children, including MOPS Groups, churches, school chapels and special women’s events. Jerri James and Mary Rice Hopkins also join together for children’s concerts and events, all reinforcing the message of serving and loving others.

Step 2: Take Action

· GoBeDo Birthday Club - At a shoe-themed birthday party, kids request their party guests bring shoes for orphans in lieu of gifts. Parties are filled with letter writing to orphans and coloring pictures to send to children around the world, followed by packing boxes in preparation for mailing.

· Shoe Parades – Club GoBeDo members plan neighborhood sidewalk parades, school yard parades, church parades down the aisles and parking lots, and even shopping mall parades with various businesses joining in the fun to collect shoes for others.

· Shoe Drives – Parents and children rally their friends, neighbors, family, schools, clubs and church groups to help orphans around the world.

· GoBeDo GIVES - The non-profit affiliate of The Orphan Campaign and Club GoBeDo applies tax-deductible donations towards the purchase of shoes for orphans and at-risk children around the world. For every $30 donated, GoBeDo GIVES purchases one pair of shoes and gives them to our partners at Shoes for Orphan Souls to be faithfully delivered to children all over the world.

To learn more about The Orphan Campaign and Club GoBeDo, and to purchase Club GoBeDo merchandise, visit

About Club GoBeDo:

Club GoBeDo was created by Jerri James, the founder of The Orphan Campaign, a social enterprise that donates a percentage of gross profits to our non-profit partners. Along with all donated shoes, 10% of all gross profits from the sale of GoBeDo products go directly to our partners at Shoes for Orphan Souls, an outreach of Buckner International. To date, Shoes for Orphan Souls has given two million pairs of shoes to orphans in need and is poised to distribute all the donated Club GoBeDo shoes to orphanages around the world. To learn more, visit

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