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Speculative Fiction Blogs (listed first . . . it's why my heart beats)
The LGG (Lost Genre Guild)

Noah Arsenault: Noah's Reads Avenir Eclectia
Brandon Barr: Christian Science Fiction, Fantasy and Suspense
Kimberli Campbell: His Writer
Joe Chiappetta: Star Chosen Novel and Silly Daddy Comics
Merrie Destefano: Urban Fantasy
Bonnie Doran: Prose From the Pros(SF)
Nick Giannaras: Nanthara & Beyond
Linda Hawley: Dreams Unleashed
Kat Heckenbach: Finding Kat Heckenbach
Shawn Lamb: Allon Books (YA Fantasy)
Dana Pratola: Paranormal Fantasy
Alice M. Roelke: The Writing Life For Me
Forrest W. Shultz: Stories By Forrest W. Shultz
Sherry Thompson: Scribblings  

Devotional Blogs
Connie Almony: Living the Body of Christ
Mary E. Mullin Bush: Rooted and Grounded
Debbie Dillon: Writin' 4 Him Cafe
Sharon Norris Elliott: A Heart For the Word
Kara Hunt: Unspeakable Joy
Sarah Malanowski: God is Always Faithful
Jennifer Slattery: Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud
Ginny L. Yttrup: Words For Life 

Fiction Blogs
Christa Allan: Author of Not Your Usual Fiction
C. Almony, J. Foster, L. Cecil, M. Colvin, V. Riley: Infinite Characters
Max Anderson: Books for Boys
Kacy Barnett-Gramckow: Illuminating The Word Through Fiction
Carole Brown: Sunnybank Meanderings
Bustles and Spurs: Inspirational authors of the Old West, Frontiers, and Prairies
Just the Write Charisma: by Charisma House/Realms Authors
Lena Nelson Dooley: Characters Who Grip Your Heart
Jo Huddleston: Scattering Hope with a Smile
Kara Hunt: Fiction With Faith
Dorothy Love: Dorothy Love Books
Michelle Massaro: Michelle's Adventures in Writing
Erynn Newman: Just Write
Ava Pennington: Pen Station Dana Pratola
Cara Putman: The Law, Books and Life Christina Rich
Renee Lynn Scott: Unlocking History Through Romance
Michelle Sutton: Healing Hearts  The Lost Scribes 

Friends and Family Blogs
Alligator Juice
California Breeze 
Joshua's Family Blog   
Mary Rice Hopkins (Info & Equipping those who work with children) 
MAFS: Maldivian American Friendship Society
Pat Stockett Johnston (Author)
Reflections of a Mommy's Heart 
Sandra Schoger Foster (Author/Publisher with G8Press)
Susan Skomessa
Time To Stand
The Barn Door: Seeing The World Through Midwestern Eyes 
Kathy Harris: Divine Detour (Interviews with Literary and Musical Guests)
Peggy Blann Phifer's Book Bites (Book Promotion)
Reflections In Hindsight: Grace in the Rearview Mirror/It's Closer Than It Appears   
My Blogs (the ones I let you see anyhow) 
Cooking With Online Friends Have a recipe for us?
Moms Making Money Online
Come and Dine 
Dad's Blog
WWII Journal (My mom's story)

Personal Blogs
Zari Banks: Z Writes Words
Steve Biddison: Reviews, Writing, Devotionals and More
Ada Brownell: Ink From an Earthen Vessel  Cherie Burbach
Ralene Burke: Where the Light Pierces the Darkness
Working Writers
K. Dawn Byrd: Author Interviews and Book GiveAways
Rosie Cochran: Rosie Rambles On Amy Deardon
Matt and Leslie Dultz: TNT Fit Family 
Mary Findley: Elk Jerky for the Soul, It's Tough But You Need It
Mary L. Hamilton
Greg Johnson: My Journey to Wellness 
Living Our Faith Out Loud: Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Thoughtful Commentary  
Jan Pierce: One Handful of Rice 
Jan Pierce: Words For the Journey 
Carol Moncado: My Journey to Becoming a Published Author
Ane Mulligan: Southern-fried Musings
Catherine Terry: My Life in the Dales
Liz Tolsma: Heart, Soul and a Splash of Sass 
Gwyn Weyant: Greatly Blessed
Alten Ink

Teen Blogs and YA
Layne Alten: Arizona & Kake 
Sarah Alten: RantRant . . . Music
Ashe: Uncool And Beautiful Zoe Mack Mystery Series
Shellie Neumeier: The Good Inside, It's time to share it   

Theological Blogs
Patrick Oden: Dual Ravens
Forest Schultz: Van Til Tool 
Writers Groups   
Orange County Christian Writers Fellowship (OCCWF)  
The San Gabriel Valley Inklings Writers' Rest  
Writing Tools   

Lorraine Beatty: Literally Lori
Jeannie Campbell: The Character Therapist
Rosie Cochran: Writing to Marketing
Amy Deardon: The Story Template
Bonnie Doran: Prose From the Pros
Randy Ingermanson: Advanced Fiction Writing
Tracy Krauss: Expression Express
Shawn Lamb: All-on Writing (The Kingdom of Allon) 
Terri Main: Education Wants to be Free
Novel Rocket: Getting Your Book Off the Ground 
Pentalk Community
Eddie Snipes's Writing Tips 



Pat Stockett Johnston said...

Hi Debby,

I want to be on your blog list, but I don't know which category to choose. Writer's blog? Pat

The Gatekeeper said...

Done, my friend. Your blog is now listed. Write on!

Alex said...

I love this list! Very cool. Would you consider adding to the list? It would probably be a Devotional Blog. Although, it has many categories and more than 60 authors on it.

Thanks in advance :)