Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Writers Group Minutes

April Minutes 2010

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Sharon E.
Sharon P.

We thank Carrie, Marianne and Debby for graciously hosting our April meeting. We sat in a children’s room brightly decorated with shells, fishing nets and other reminders of the sea. We were quite productive “sailors”. It helped when Marilyn suggested some organization hints to make our time more meaningful. So we appointed Marianne as Captain to keep us on task. As you can see from the picture, Marianne was born for the job.

Sharon (Norris Elliott) is entering full-time ministry! She has many new projects and ideas. When we realized how much editing is coming our way, we almost threw her overboard. Keep up-to-date with Sharon by subscribing to her blog at www.sanewriter.wordpress.com

Sandy shared a beautiful essay “The March to Golgotha” written by her granddaughter. Muriel shared about God’s direction and power in the healing of her brother Tommy. Continue to keep him in your prayers. We benefited from the tips Pat brought us from Mt. Hermon. We also benefited from other advice from around the tables.

Here are some tidbits:

Start a blog to promote your books. Meet the needs of your readers (make it interactive)
It’s very good to invite husbands to conferences…so they understand you.
Don’t edit for free.
Adolescence for males now stretches to age 28.
Remember that editing makes your writing more effective.
Historical fiction is IN. Chic-lit is OUT.
Show restraint--Don’t edit your church bulletin and put it in the offering plate.

Debby, who is tired after all the novel-prep for an upcoming conference, showed up in her pajamas. She introduced us to her pastor, Dennis Bachman. Pat immediately interviewed him for her book and he became a statistic.

Heidi arrived late because she was milking the cows on Amy's Farm. She brought a cute farmyard story written by Amy. After a rousing discussion about how a duck should make friends and with whom…we brought the meeting to a close.

Speaking of friends, we were thankful for each friend who came and missed those who were busy traveling, speaking, or got lost.

Next meeting will be at Marilyn’s sister’s home (Carol) in Pasadena on May 7th. We look forward to exciting news from those who are attending the Orange County Writers Conference, Sat., May 1st. Let’s keep their projects in our prayers!

Take care and have a good month!

Sharon P. and . . . 
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Sharon Lynne said...

Love how you tweaked our photo.

You're in my prayers for the upcoming conference!

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks, my dirt bike lovin' writing friend. :)