Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Bloggers

Two of my friends have started their own blogs. Both are very important to me. Patricia, who not only feeds me with her awesome gourmet meals, but also feeds me with her spiritual "suppers." She is starting her own cooking blog. Hopefully, this blog will launch her interactive cooking classes. It will be the complete fancy kitchen experience. Four students at a time. Whatever they cook may be taken home. It's going to be yummy. She's a baby blogger so please stop by and visit her at Patricia's Pantry.

Our second baby blogger is my beautiful friend from Romania. I've been posting her stories and photographs on this blog. She's now trying her hand at blogging herself. Apparently it will be quite a new experience for her. I know she'll do great. Her blog is called Clinging To Hope. Take a look.

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Violeta said...

Awww ,thank you again for all , you are so sweet ,so kind ,thank you so much for sharing !!!
I still love to share you link i`m proud to have such a insiparional woman like you !
When the friends on my facebook asked me who is Debby !
I sad:
She is my writer !
Love you !