Monday, March 01, 2010

How To Open A PayPal Account

Paypal seems to be the standard here in the USA for easy online buying and selling etc. But recently I found out that not everyone around the world knows about it or how it works. It's easy to open up an account, I've had absolutely no problems with PayPal. They even have a debit card for you which is way better than a credit card. After all, you can only spend what's in your account. So here's a video introducing you to PayPal.


Bernie said...

I am always worried someone will get my personal information if I use this type of account, do you know if any one has had any problems with it?
Thank you for posting this....Hugs

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi Bernie, I'm sure someone out there has had problems. But PayPal has a good reputation. Don't forget our information is probably already out there since all the banks do business online now. As a matter of fact it's PayPal that's connected to all our banks. Scary huh? We are not of this world, but unfortunately, we are in it.

Greg Johnson said...


I have been a PayPal member since before they joined with eBay and I have never had a problem. I feel very safe about using my PayPal account for purchases and it makes it extremely easy for people to send me money, as well.

The Gatekeeper said...

Hey Greg. I've had my PayPal account for quite a few years also. Never had any problems (well, not any they didn't fix right away). I trust them more them my bank.