Monday, February 01, 2010

Pictures From Romania

Violeta and Sjikke will be visiting a few of Romania's poor children and families this March. Hopefully, Violeta will have a few updates for us. In the meantime, here are some of the pictures of those families.

If you are interested in supporting Violeta and Sjikke's project you can do so right here. Let me try to translate . . . you can help financially toward buying medicine and the money also goes toward their "bread" project.

DUTCH: giften voor medicijnen en broodprojecten door eenmalig of regelmatig geld over te maken op bankrekening ten name van Stichting Groningen-Friesland-Drenthe voor Roemenië te Rolde. Deze giften zijn fiscaal aftrekbaar.

ENGLISH: gifts for bread and medicine projects, once or regularly, transfer money to bank account in the name of Stichting Groningen-Friesland-Drenthe for Romania Rolde. These donations are tax deductible.


Bernie said...

How lovely you are to support Violetta.....we really don't realize how harsh the conditions are there until we actually see pictures....I do wish them well and will pray for them....Hugs

Sharon said...

Oh ,what a beutiful story and what a beautiful heart have this girl i wish to know her more well ,how can i get touch with Violetta?
I`m from England , i`m christian and i beleve that LOrd have one purpuose with this amazing girl .
Debby how can i find Violetta ???
I`m going to share you link right now to help those kids !
in Jesus love ,

Miriam said...

Hi Violeta,

i liked so much this blog and also whole story with you life .My dear you need so much love !!!
I would like to be there to hug you but i`m so far away i`m from Irland .
I will arrange with my church to send some clothes and medicens for you Violeta ( i just love you name !!) also my friend have been told me about you and she said that you are on Facebook.
Great then I can find you today and talk much more !
Love you Violeta !!!!!