Monday, March 08, 2010

Video: How To Make A Quilt Block

A dear friend of mine has this awesome quilting project going on with the guys (male and female) at work. Everyone is sewing, knitting or crocheting 8x8 blocks and someone else puts it together to make a full quilt. The finished projects are donated to an organization who then hands it off to foster kids. NICE!!!

This week I'll get out my crochet needles, take out the boxes filled with yarn, and get myself involved. I found this video to get us all started.


Lady G~ said...

Hello my friend! I've been away, way too long. But I'm back.

What an awesome ministry. Daughter of the King helps out in our church's quilting ministry. When she first started she was about 11. She didn't know much about sewing. But the ladies took her and Still Waters under their wings. They have made hundreds of quilts, receiving blankets and blankets through the years. They have been sent all over the world (Romania included), not only to orphanages, but reservation camps too. Sometimes, they even send pictures back. What a blessing it is to know that the work of your hands are making a difference in someone's life. Kudos to your friend and her co-workers!

Now, I'm off to catch up on your entries! :)

The Gatekeeper said...

Wow!! Hi Lady G. It's so good to hear from you. I missed you terribly. And I always knew your Still Waters runs so deep. ;)