Saturday, November 08, 2008

Walking the Mills

The old castle has a treadmill. Indeed! Both the Ladies and young Lords use it quite often. This way we do not have to brave the heat of the desert outside. We are actually hoping that the weather outside becomes frightful this holiday season. The rain and snow would be quite welcomed here. Nonetheless, young Lord would love to have equipment from Bowflex . . . perhaps a little out of Lady Gatekeeper's budget.

In any case, we can truly say, the diet of fresh fruit, raw veggies and an abundance of fish (much needed for those golden years) has done splendid things for our bodies. And adding the daily walks on our treadmill has kept us in much better shape. Now if we could only find a couple of treadmill mats to keep our stone floors scratch-free. Come join us on this journey, won't you. Here's to our health.

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