Friday, November 07, 2008

The Writers

Gatekeeper's intent was to be on time for the writers' meeting, but alas, her brain never quite understands driving directions. She really does need a horse ... preferably one that could find its own way.

Parking, usually a breeze, was a nightmare in Pasadena. They were shooting the film, Leverage, and took away all the premiere spots to park our carriages. Nonetheless, we found a shady place on the old college campus . . . beautiful don't you think?

The Writers had much to discuss and it did not entail writing projects as much as life itself. Interesting to realize that amongst even a small circle of friends trials are abundant, to say the least. Many writing projects have been diverted as we deal with sons (our love for them and the choices they make), financial issues of course, cancer (we have brave women in our group. The Gatekeeper is sure you might have them too.) and the future of our nation. The latter could take a day or so to process.

We did, however, have publishing accomplishments to talk about and a few devotions to critique/edit. So work was done. Pat was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. That is indeed a nice paycheck. Better than most.

In any case, most of our writers will be at Paz Naz, Ladies Night Out. Sandee, Daddy Will You Dance With Me, will be autographing her best seller. Hope to see you all there.

How To Have A Successful Writers Group

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