Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What? Preparing For The Holidays?

Halloween has arrived in the land of tumbleweeds. And no one seems to be interested, in these parts anyhow. Not to worry, we don't honor this one, to say the least. The young lords may gathered sweets if they like, but the rest of us will stay cozy inside. It's a hot one this year unlike the rainy ones of ages past. Interesting. Of course, the rain would be welcomed.

Nonetheless, it seems that Thanksgiving will be spent quite alone. The Gatekeeper's parents will be traveling to the Netherlands and to the land down under if all goes according to plan. So the invitation is open . . . if one has nowhere to go, come visit our castle and break a turkey leg with me and the Princess. The trimmings will be there, the eggnog and ale, and pumpkin pie from Lady Marie awaits.

Lastly, the Christmas bells have already rung. Lady Gatekeeper will be at the grand old Fair in Old Pasadena . . . Paz Naz on Sierra Madre to be precise. Come gather at her booth and pick up a copy of her cook book, Come and Dine and perhaps a sneek preview of "Paragon: Swords of the Watchers." One never knows if there will be a celebration to speak of.

Other authors will be there--a book signing of sorts. And fine dining, for a slight extra fee, is included. Send mail to gtargirl@gmail.com for more information or leave a comment or two. It's always appreciated. Till then, greetings to one and all.


Lady G~ said...

So glad you stopped by. :o) I haven't had a chance to visit my favorite blogs (which includes yours!). I need to make the time to update my, A Knight's Lady's blog. But I have updated my other blog, http://aglanceintomyworld.blogspot.com/
Pay our Castello a visit and see what we've been up to.

An now, since I'm online, I'll catch up and see what you've been up to. :o)

The Gatekeeper said...

Okay, I'm on my way to catch up.