Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Castle's Furnishings

Imagine, if you will, the Manor without its furnishings and decor. It would be a dismal gathering, to say the least. Therefore, it is vital we select the perfect Leather Couches for weary knights, lords and ladies who seek comfort. Soft but sturdy Sofas perhaps, to cheer the tired back of a friendly traveler is always a plus; one in the grand hallway, one in Father's library, one in the guest room.

And lest we forget the young lords who will need their own Couches for the room of entertainment centers. These might even have support for lower backs and kidneys . . . what more is there to ask for? One never knows what hard play might bring.

Personally, Lady Gatekeeper would desire the natural milled leather, with intricate detailing and scrollwork, and of course . . . feather blend filled cushions. Oh, luxury what shall we call thee? Dramatic, we know.

In any case, for a small pouch of gold (and in most cases a 55% savings for thee), these may be purchased in their domain (that's online, my friends). Furthermore, the ships will set sail without any cost to you, their most honored customer. True, there will be no shipping fee. Enjoy the journey.


Lady G~ said...

Ah... nothing like the feel of leather. Except when it's cold. At which time we can wrap ourselves in a quilt or fleece and still enjoy the leather. Ahhh....

The Gatekeeper said...

Double ah from the gatekeeper.