Monday, October 27, 2008

Strange Days, Drunk Strangers and Blessings Still Stranger

T'was a wonderful weekend with a twist in the end, late Sunday evening. After an awesome Disciple concert at The Sunday Night Gig (which the Gatekeeper will write a review about for Associated Content), Son and I came across a barefooted lady stumbling into our driveway.

She was dressed in black and reeked of some unknown alcoholic substance. Poor woman was crying and complaining of sharps pains below her right breast. "Pop, pop, pop," she kept saying. Her speech was incoherent and she did not know where she was. We finally got a name out of her and then she needed lots of hugs and proceeded to kiss my neck and ears. Scary!! Finally we pulled up a chair for her and covered the lady with a blanket.

Mother put some socks on Stranger's feet. We thought that was a very humbling thing to do. The police were called in to see if they could help. First one very manly officer came. He recognized our address from past calls and gave me a smile. What? It is only the fifth time SJPD has been called to our Manor this year. Yes, we are now officially on a first name basis. Our castle must have a sign somewhere that says come steal, plunder, leave complaints, and does Spanky live here? Ask if you have a need to know.

Nonetheless, Lady Stranger was not willing to talk to Officer, or rather could not answer his questions except to ask him to touch right below her breast. Lord Officer backed off and called Lady Police . . . two of them. "Bad cop, good cop" was masterfully played and Lady Stranger eventually pushed Mother out of the way and attempted to run inside our home. Oops!

Officers held her back and that is when we were told to go inside and lock up. This we did and she was taken by ambulance to . . . we assumed the hospital next town over since we do not have one of those. Mr. Officer then returned our blanket, thanked us profusely and then advised us to wash it right away. Sad!

In any case, to back track just a little to discuss the strange and timely blessing. After Disciple the boys were pretty hungry. There was only $20 to last us the rest of the week and no food in the home (unless they were willing to wait another hour and eat hot purple and green Indo food). Gatekeep prayed and finally felt good to drive through McDonald's and feed young lords. A small request to our Lord was made to replace the $20. Indeed! Mother came over, just after strange lady was taken away, and gave me $25. A couple of ladies in her church had bought our family cook book that day. Ah, 'tis small, but not when one had prayed, "Lord give us this day our daily bread."

Many blessings to you all.


Carrie said...

Wow, you have had your share of interesting encounters in your neck of the woods lately. It is nice to know that people still try to help others in need.

How awesome our Lord is in all things from little to large! Thanks for reminding us of that.

Me said...

Isn't God sweet . . . on so many levels?

Lady G~ said...

What an awesome witness to those around you! He is always faithful to provide for ALL our needs.

The Gatekeeper said...

Awesome indeed, Lady G. Now if we could only have my Knight in shining armor fall from the sky onto my doorstep. :)