Monday, October 27, 2008

For Leaky Castles

So if one can hear a few drip, drip, drips coming from the castle pipes one might have need for the Dallas Plumber, so to speak, if you live in the heart of Texas. After all, even if the Lady had the Lord of the manor at home it would do her no good. Husbands do not have the good reputation to fix those leaky pipes. All right, at last hers did not. It is, of course, a good plan to know where to find a good plumber before those annoying drips become gushing geysers. Only fun when one needs a steamy hot shower.

In any case, if you castle stands in the heart of Texas the Plumbers in Dallas would probably be the people one could call. A flooded basement would be the castle's doom so don't let it happen without their information close by. Stay dry, my friends.

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