Saturday, October 25, 2008


It has come to our attention that we manage sixteen blogs. Good grief . . . nice to know that Lady Gatekeeper actually gets paid for keeping a couple of them. Does that make one a professional blogger? Woo hoo! Our latest blog hopefully will bring in work and a paycheck--reading, reviewing . . . it's a living. Take a look if you like, especially if you are an author.

Speaking of authors, we have written out the timetable to get manuscript into the hands of a publisher. Right now the bulk of it is in the hands of dear editor. Bless him. And bless the gals in our writers group who must be sick of swords and warriors and maidens et al.

In other news, we have not recovered the things that were stolen and we are trying very hard to accept the loss--around $400 including a Felt bike, car speakers and guitar amp. We doubt that SJPD has any leads or have the manpower to deal with such small matters. Material things, material things, material things . . . got to let go. Ouch!

Then there is neighbor across the street. We do not know if they are coming or going, living there or not. No goodbyes and the desert community is becoming more of a ghost town these days. We are already such a small town. As a matter of fact, we are a mail-ballot precinct. Which, we found out, is a community with less than 250 registered voters. Interesting indeed.

Our ballot is in, by the way, and we voted for our preferred presidential candidate, every proposition, city council member etc. etc. November 4th should be an interesting day.

And then there is that one more membership class we must take tomorrow at church and we shall forever be a member of Newsong. One should hope we can make the 80 mile drive every Sunday. What have we done?????

In any case, Prince Layne will send in his photographs to Hot Topic . . . his desired company of employment and Princess Sarah is sailing through college while working full time at the 300. Entertaining the Mayor proved a nice night of tips. Don't ask.

To end this post of pieces, we shall see you all at The Sunday Night Gig tomorrow evening so we can bang our heads with Disciple. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Look for your stolen stuff on EBay.

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks, anonymous. I will give that a try. Someone told me to check on Craigslist also. Anyway, thanks again.

Lady G~ said...

OH MY! So sorry to hear that some of your possessions were stolen. Where do people get the idea they have a right to take things that don't belong to them. URGH!!!

May God bless you tenfold....

The Gatekeeper said...

Aww, thanks Lady G. And he has already blessed me with friends like you.