Saturday, October 25, 2008

Taking Care of Family Matters

Recently, Lady Gatekeeper finally managed to purchase life insurance. Yes, just a step forward to gain a little peace of mind. It's quite a lovely thought to know that my children will not be left with a hefty bill plus they'll receive a nice chunk of gold, so to speak.

Furthermore, the Gatekeeper did a little research concerning mortgage disability insurance and was happy to find that if she was ever bedridden this kind of insurance would take care of the mortgage payments. Or at least that's what should happen.

Did you know that mortgage insurance actually pays of your debt in the event of one's passing? Uww, I know, not a particularly desirable subject to talk about it. But alas, we all have that appointment with our Maker. Better to leave this domain debt free for our children.

After all, if an mortgage protection insurance can ease the financial burden for our families than one would guess it is worth it. Plus if a company could set you up with a plan to fit your budget needs that Lady Gatekeep would imagine it is something important to look into.

In any case, the Gatekeeper has taken the plunge . . . she feels secure in that decision and hopes you will too. Here's to family and keeping them a little better financially secured.

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