Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've Got Friends Coming Out Of My . . .

And, I dare say, it is a good thing after all. To have friends brings flavor to one's life, so to speak. Now let me see where did I meet all these wonderful people . . .

ShoutLife There's not one nasty person there, wonderfully weird but never nasty.
Lady Gatekeeper At MySpace We do find a need to vote some of these friends off.
My Whole Church is on Facebook

AND I Talk At MyLot the Most

I've posted about MyLot before but I just wanted to mention it again since I've really enjoyed my time in that online community while making a few extra dollars. Sorry, that was a very long opening sentence.

In any case, it's ever so easy to make payout and all you have to do is start a discussion. For example my latest question was, "Is There Anyone Who Hasn't Read The Harry Potter Series Besides Me?" which received 37 comments so far. It's that easy because it's really quite an active community.

You get paid for starting a new discussion and for commenting on other's discussions and you even get paid for uploading pictures. Sweet! To be honest you kind of forget about the money you're making because you get so involved with your friends over there. Well, that's my take on things at MyLot. If you would like to join us please click on my link here. Yes, you might have guessed, you can also earn when you recruit someone. It's all good. Hope to see you at all those network sites. Life is sweeter with friends.

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