Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Will Tell

It has long been a tradition in the GateKeeper's castle to tell the time by the rising of the sun or the setting thereof. Not something they might recommend at grandfather clocks at 1-800-4clocks at this point of our history. Nonetheless, Lady Gatekeep has always wanted a clock so extravagant and so precise that time would never be lost again. A nice gesture, indeed!

The castle has a few columns, arched beams and many curves. There inside a hollow column, facing the double French doors, she should set the TimeKeeper she has always wanted--a rather romantic Ridgeway Majorca Grandfather Clock to be precise. This Grandfather is very tall and slender with hand painted dials. Nice! Its soft dual melodies will fill the castle with peace and as darkness falls one can silence the music, if so desired.

There are new clocks to choose from that will cheer your home as well as those Grandfather Clocks of years gone by and of every style imaginable. Find out about the marvelous different materials used to create these masterpieces and join the discussion over the new versus the old. And please, do take your time.

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