Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mariah Mundi Update

Harry Potter's Successor


Janey Loree said...

Hey Debbie, were you able to get more copies of GP Taylor's book so that we could read and blog about it?

I came over to let you know that I will be hosting a blog carnival over on our Twiglet the Little Christmas Tree blog! The "Authors go GONZO! Carnival" will be held November 5, 2007. Which post will you pick to enter?!!

mikesummers said...

Once upon a time there was a cranky old sot over at the now very stupid mylot that signed on there for money.

But while he was learning that mylot's clever idea for limiting how much money they would have to pay out (because they called them selves a pay site), was to delete entire discussions because they were of such good content, it was going to cost mylot, lots of pennies each discussion. Delete equals no exposure to payment. Hmmm. Go figger eh?

Anyway, freebc met an awesome lady or a bunch over there. Wonderful people for certain. And this pretty lady was pretty to look upon, pretty smart and pretty friendly too!

She is one of a bunch of people who remain on what's left of my account there. I do not recieve any notifications there anymore because I even deleted my email.

So I am no longer freebc at mylot. Saddened as I am to leave the wonderful people I have met.

But now as I close one chapter in my never ending saga, I find myself over at http:\\ as mikesummers .
It is a tad drier than mylot but there isn't the cheating noe the abuse. Intelligent conversations are accepted. They don't care for topics like "Do you nose hairs tickle?" or "if you stick your finger in your eye do you blink?" type posts just to get a post.

There are many discussions going that you can jump onto that you can post to. There is no more pay for starting a discussion than responding to one.

Debbie is already missed by this friend, and I for one am looking forward to seeing her there.

See ya there Debbie!

Mike (aka freebc)

The Gatekeeper said...

Ah, hey there Mike. I shall be there soon. Your discussions of how to save the world has pulled me in, my friend. Oh wait, that wasn't you. LOL. No matter I shall be there soon. But I do hope that you will remain a friend to the Gatekeeper as well and not leave your highly motivated conversations at the castle door--do come inside more often. We shall find you a deserving name, Lord Michael it shall be.

Your input is valued at the gates. :)

mikesummers said...

Sadly fair damsel...I must confess.

I am not a bloggerdly sort. You see. I am of the personhood that needs the interaction of others in order to sustain the will to communicate in such a manner as this.

I once had a go at an blog, but alas, my heart was sorrowful at the absence of direct interaction...the which my whole being yerns for.

So, I beg of thee, not to find me unworthy of this thy friendship when thou dost not find me in these parts.

You shall surely find me in a public square cavorting about with such as I may find there.

So until such time as you make thy way to the public square, I await your arrival with anticipation.

The Gatekeeper said...

LOL. Oy we shall gather you back into the ring soon, my friend.