Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cottages For The Holidays

Do you not know that the Gatekeeper's heart belongs in places such as these? To rest her weary soul in a borders holiday cottage is what she dreams of. She was born to be there. The Borders is rich with history--ah yes, those feudal wars between the Brits and the Scotts. The countryside is decorated with castles, more than any other part of the United Kingdom. Dreamy!

The Borders will not boast of large company hotels only quaint little cottages, a Bed and Breakfast if you will. This particular cottage, pictured to the right, has its own walled garden, four cozy bedrooms, kitchen with a dining area, comfortable lounge and one can even bring their horse . . . I mean, your pets. There are only six of these treasures, so book in advance, my friends. You will not want to stay anywhere else next time you visit the UK. Enjoy!

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