Thursday, October 04, 2007

Boys Of Summer And Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Lady G. at A Knight's Lady will love this. The date and time of this Dodger game is lost to me but apparently captured forever in Dodgers Magazine, Volume 14 number 3. Wow, that sounded a tad bit too business like, sorry. We bought tickets to the bleachers section because Shawn Green was our favorite player. He signed Lord Spanky's baseball and jersey some time ago and took pictures. Just a sweet guy. Hopefully New Yorkers have been kind to him. Though after the Mets meltdown this year, who knows.

In any case, there we were in the bleachers when the enemy launched a deep fly ball which seemed to be headed right for us. Of course, it never reached us as Shawn snagged the fly ball against the padded wall. Princess S. is the one standing. She was quite perturbed that Shawn caught the ball. "Mine, mine, mine!"

Mr. Professional Photographer snapped a nice picture and our happy little family was captured right along with a Dodger moment. Our place in history is set. LOL. I guess that was our fifteen minutes of fame. Or was it??

Lord Spanky Layne is in the trailer for Ben Stiller's "The HeartBreak Kid" opening up tomorrow, October 5th. He actually now has 30 minutes of fame. Layne is the boy splashing water on Michelle Monaghan (the beach scene). He's in slow motion, hehehe. It was a fun day filming on Malibu Beach with Michelle, who's a sweetheart, and Ben Stiller who's well . . . Ben Stiller. Not so good news for cast and crew--the reviews are in and they're pretty bad. Michelle, however, received a very good review for her part. If you're interested Associated Content published my article called Notes From Working On The Set Of The Heartbreak Kid, or something like that.

At any rate, it's almost Friday, Lord SL has a big test in US History today and he wishes it was already Friday. He is trying to hide. Unfortunately, the castle is not that big and all the secret tunnels (except the one to the torture chamber) have been blocked. Stay tuned . . . or not.

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Lady G~ said...

How right you are my dear Lady Gatekeeper. How totally KEWEL to be in a shot like this one. I would have this enlarged, framed and hanging on my wall!

Be thankful that your Squire only tried to hide. He'd be easy to find. My Warrior use to hide his workbooks. He'd tell me he didn't know where they were. Thank God he was really young, cause he always hid them in the same place, he didn't know any better. LOL!

The Gatekeeper said...

I never thought of enlarging it, let alone frame it. I'll have to look into that.

Hehe, hiding his books? Let's hope my little Lord won't think of that one. They do get creative, don't they?

Sharon Lynne said...

How fun!

A captured and shared moment with your favorite baseball player!

How did you ever discover the picture?

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi Sharon Lynne . . . a friend of mine saw the picture in the magazine. I believe she has a subscription to it. Who knew you could get a subscription to Dodger Mag. I'm glad she does though.