Thursday, October 04, 2007

Guideposts: Brett And Deanna Favre

Okay, I have no idea how many records Brett is going to break but is he not one of the toughest players ever? This guy just keeps coming back year after year. In one of the pre-season games they started the back-up QB who is said to be ready to take over when Brett retires. Only thing is, this guy might be in his thirties by the time Brett retires.

Nonetheless, even though I enjoy watching the Green Bay Packers play (second only to the Seattle Seahawks) I adore hearing stories about the man he is off the field. Now here's an athlete kids can look up to. The man knows how to love. Yeah he does, so check out Brett and Deanna's story in Guideposts. It's a great little magazine if you need a little bit of inspiration in your life. Or hey, write your own story and send it in. They have writer's guidelines posted at their site. Enjoy!


Lady G~ said...

Even though my Knight was born in New Jersey and grew up in Miami, he's been a Green Bay Packer fan since he was a wee one. I'm a Packer fan by marriage. ;o)

Brett Farve is one of our favorite quarters backs of ALL time. The way he lives his life is an awesome testimony.

The Gatekeeper said...

Yeah, I think besides the awesome witnesses known as the Seattle Seahawks, I love those packers and Sir Favre.

A packer fan by marriage? That is too funny.