Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Solar Decathlon

Now here, the Gatekeeper believes, is something one can truly sink their teeth into, so to speak. This October a good amount of college, or university students as you might want to call them, shall be given the chance to make a most positive difference in this world. All in all, twenty universities will compete to design, build and operate a completely solar-powered house. Quite the competition, I say! The BP Solar Decathlon will take place from October 11 to the 19th.

Yes, BP has decided to sponsor this special occasion as they try to honor their commitment to discovering more cost effective and clean energy solutions for everyday living. The castle will soon be in good hands. It's a good start, my friends. You can review past winners as well as the progress of each team entering this year's competition at their Solar Decathlon blog. Members of teams will keep you informed of their daily happenings, I'm sure.

There is also quite an extraordinary amount of information involving BP and the green curve. For instance, there's a little gas station in the middle of LA's bustling metropolis that is more or less a living lab. Do visit and find out what all the fuss is about. Move up a notch on the green curve and indulge in the information available to find out what it is you can implement into your own life.

So there you have it, enjoy the competition. Lend your support to these young students building a better future, by visiting their blog. A toast to the winner!

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