Monday, September 10, 2007

The Neighborhood Chronicles: A World At War

March 1942: It is not my neighborhood and the Gatekeeper is grateful indeed. For this island was once a paradise where children played without a care. They ran, they giggled and chased each other through the lush jungles of Java. A five-year-old little girl enjoyed another Sunday school class in the local village. Happy voices, only a few days ago, echoed in cool breezes.

Then the shots rang out, and the bombs fell. A foreign army invaded because they wanted the oil and other riches of these neighborhood islands. Nobody came to help. Americans said no and even though Dec. 7, 1941 had changed their minds about entering the war they were months away from sending help. The Netherlands was powerless and most of their soldiers were sent home. Neighborhoods were gutted, burned and sugar factories converted to POW camps. It was time for the children of the Dutch East Indies to learn how to survive, and they did.

But Mother tells it better than the Gatekeeper ever could. World War II was her Valley of Death and she knew that only God could walk her through it. So she blogged her story (sort of) and we invite you to read this tale of love, forgiveness and hope at her 1942 blog.


Sharon Lynne said...

I was visiting your mom's 1942 blog, just a minute ago. Amazing! Everyone needs to go over and read!

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks, my friend, how's things in your neighborhood?