Friday, September 14, 2007

The Aussie Accomodations

Having my cousins here from the land of down under has been just an amazing journey. Lord Spanky has made it his mission to speak with an Aussie accent by the end of this month. We have also discussed, as one would suspect, about our little family traveling to the Sunshine State (my home state once upon a time) of Queensland. Cousin S. says there is an infinte amount of space for us to roam freely about. Therefore we wouldn't need a place for our Brisbane accomodation. Family will take care of us there.

However, our journey to New South Wales would make it necessary to find appropriate lodging. For a Sydney Accomodation, we have discovered that apparently it would be cheaper to stay in, what the Australians call, serviced apartments. Nice! Facilities tend to be larger and both our families would dwell together easily and in comfort, one might add. Apparently these apartments have been used by a few celebrities. Sounds big enough to throw an elaborate party--not that we are of the partying kind.

In any case if we make it down to Victoria (as would be our lofty plans) a serviced apartment would do well for our Melbourne Accomodation as well. Saving our pennies and dollars are in high gear and we're looking forward to returning to my childhood home next summer. We have lots to catch up on. Anyone coming with us? Let me know.

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