Monday, September 10, 2007

The Quiz At The Rocket

Oh my, don't be upset with Lady Gatekeeper but a quiz now and then could be fun. No we shall not do any dumb blonde quiz as that would be slightly inappropriate. However, some good Bible quizzing is in order. Lady Gatekeep will reveal her score if you're brave enough to send her yours.

In any case, my friends, to pass the day take a quiz at Quiz Rocket. Take the "impossible" quiz. If you are the kind to say "anything's possible," I dare say, you haven't taken this quiz yet. I tell you there's a quiz for this and that, where should one live, are you a disaster in the kitchen or a genius and the list goes on. But whatever you do, do not take the dumb blonde quiz. No, my friends, the Gatekeeper forbids that. Have fun!

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