Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Neighborhood Chronicles: A Weather Change

Well I never! Who would dare dump a bucket of cold into the Gatekeeper's domain? I mean to say, it's 59 degrees Fahrenheit. If my calculation is correct that's 14 degrees Celsius. Ah, it is really not a complaint of sorts. Here in the desert, the Lord of Thunder and all the universes likes to display his creativity.

The neighborhood seems to have a mist rising out of the forest over the stony mountains. White milky skies are about to unload a serious snow storm, or so it appears.

Gone are the dusty footprints of coyotes, the rattle snakes are coiled away (one can only hope) and the high tailed roadrunner has disappeared. I must study these creatures to see where it is they go when the weather changes. The flight of the hawk is still visible. Forever they circle in the cold sky. In the heat of summer, however, they seem to fly lower. One wonders what meal it is they are seeking out today. Pardon me while I put my puppies to shelter.

Today my animal friends have reminded me that their Creator has looked after them since their beginnings. Surely He will look after my family as well. Once again we are at a cross roads. And those are good. It makes one strong I suppose and hopefully a little wiser if we choose the right direction. There are road signs where the paths meet but . . . which way to go now? The neighborhood is oh so quiet as is my heart--not lonely yet alone.

In any case, I sit in that cave side by side with King David and the Psalms; cold, a little desperate for love and alone. With my open Bible I huddle in my chair, with a view of the pool which has outlasted its use for the season, and listen for that still small voice.

"Am I enough for you?"

Yes, Lord You are.

He is the maker of the sunrise after all. The birds know Him. They sing to Him in the early morning hours and when dusk falls. He is an ever-present help in time of trouble. Hmm, it feels good to know, as wind chimes softly clang in the breeze, that God is in my wintry cavern. Trouble comes but the Lord declares He will be with us.

My neighbor to the right knows these things. We shall fellowship and ponder the road we are on.

A Still Small Voice

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Sharon Lynne said...

"The Lord is my Shepherd"

Thank goodness God is good at leading sheep! As you stand at the cross roads--he will guide you!