Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Funding Venture

It has been a few years since you first thought of opening that quaint French Cafe. The one with the pretty wrought iron table and chairs, under white lacy umbrellas. Ah yes, I remember it was the task of raising money that stopped you more than once. Nonetheless, you said the dream never dies. So here is the scoop once again from Lady Gatekeeper about Venture Capital Funding to help your dream move a little further along. It is hard, this we know, to find the right resources for you small business startup, but we do know of a place to connect you with quite a few investors--hungry investors we are told.

Raise Capital dot Com will allow one to showcase not only one's business idea and plan to potential investors but also the capital needed. One can see how this kind of networking can be very beneficial as both parties throughout the process will learn about one another's goals.

Ah, my friends, and to make it all a little more creative one may produce and present a video or any other kind of media. Pictures are also a nice addition to your profile to make it all look professional and polished. A nice start, I would say. The object, after all, is to make a neat package to put you in the forefront of this community of investors.

Indeed, my friend, that sidewalk Cafe can now become a reality. Take the first step. The Gatekeeper has been told that literally hundreds of investors, looking for opportunities, have already registered with Therefore, it would be wise to journey to this neighborhood and find that one investor who might want to sit down under your umbrella. Blessings to you all.

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