Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am Cinderella

Here be the fun stuff for all you MySpace fanatics (and perhaps users of ShoutLife profiles as well). MySpace quizzes are available, thousands of them, to add yet more sparkle to your page. I was going to show you a few Christian quizzes, surveys and polls but opted to be a little more giddy. Would you believe I am Cinderella? According to the cartoon quiz, I am indeed? Ah, my prince is out there in his castle somewhere. Would you like to know what cartoon character you are? Yea, I thought you would.

In any case, one can create one's very own quiz or poll, which loaded quite nicely on this here blog, I might add, and place it on thy very personal MySpace profile . Makes for delightful interaction. One more notable mention: Colors and styles are completely customizable. Have fun, or be serious, it's all good.

(By the way, it's "Squidward". Not "Spuidward"). What is your idea for the perfect date?

Question 1 out of 7

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