Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Game On With Mariah Mundi

Oh no! Faber and Faber has gone and done it. They've created an online game for "Mariah Mundi." ManicMundi is the name. The good Reverend Taylor must be chuckling to himself right about now. Wonder how he feels about all this hoopla? Yep, the game is pretty addicting. I got to level 15 . . . snark!

Pretty good advertising for the UK release (Monday, September 10) of the book, don't you think? So besides touring 250 schools on September 17th with his new book, he'll be a part of that awesome treasure hunt on September 8th held around the seaside town of Scarborough. You could win an author! No, just kidding. I wish I could be there to blog about it, not to mention find a piece of that treasure. Oh well, not to be. Hopefully all you lucky GP Taylor fans who have a chance to hunt for original manuscripts complete with doodles etc. will let us know how it went.

And if you haven't heard, GP Taylor is the most likely successor to JK Rowling (what's up with these initials?). Mariah Mundi therefore is heir apparent to Harry's throne. Well deserved, I say, well deserved. Rev Graham still doesn't know the date for Mariah's release in the US but we shall find out soon. Here's the book review from the Book Bag if you haven't read it yet. And don't forget to play Manic Mundi. Tell me what level you, I mean your kids, get to.

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