Monday, September 03, 2007

Short Story at Associated Content

This short story has three chapters published at Associated Content. The first is titled Of Whisperers, Nephilim and Dark Lords. Hope you enjoy! It's a living, so thanks for reading.

The Whisperer:

The Moribund River, in the cursed land of Perdition, boils with fire. It breathes mud-like pockets of ashes and bones. On its west bank a vile creature named Pernicious crawls to its edges. His exaggerated eagle claws scratch the surface of Perdition’s thirsty terrain. He drags his broken skeletal body closer to the flames of Moribund.

The fiery river, he believes, will heal him. But he fears its power and does not touch. He can only wait for help and hope he is worth something to someone in this desolate land.

“Whisperer!” a voice thunders. “Come here!”

Pernicious mumbles and ignores the hollering of the one they call Abaddon. “Son of Anak,” the Whisperer screeches, “leave me be!”

Heat and dry dust burns in their throats. Ashes fall like snow. Both beings are irritated but wait for the magic of Moribund’s fire. Will it bring them life, such as it is, or claim it?

“How could you lose to the Canaanite, a mere human?” Pernicious scoffs. His voice is more raspy than usual. “You are twice his size with the strength of ten men.” He starts to mock his superior but thinks better of it. His taunt is a measly whisper. “Abaddon, mighty leader of the Nephilim, indeed.” Pernicious raises his bony jaw in defiance. The ground shakes and billows of smoke rise through the fractures of the land. “I was once mightier than the likes of you ― stronger, swifter, and prettier, I might add, a better warrior than you, by far. I was . . . long ago.”

Please read the rest of the story here. Thanks.

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