Thursday, September 06, 2007

For Men Only

Yes, I did say this was for men only. But I am taking all worthy comments from Godly women everywhere. After all, is it not of great interest to us what God has to say concerning "real men?" I'm just sayin'. Salvation comes and then what should happen? Is there more? Most likely. Take a look at the Out of the Wild website where it is hinted, a few times I might add, that each man has a mission. A mission from God has purpose, meaning and furthermore God has already equipped each man for this mission. I do hereby wholeheartedly agree.

So take a walk out of your wild side, oh ye men of God, and let the real adventure begin. It might sound strange to others that salvation, discipleship and mission (the three steps on your journey) will better the world, so to speak. They are sidetracked with government, life as they want it and eleventygazillion other issues. One man at a time to travel with God each day, lose his life, and carry His cross must sound foreign to those who don't understand.

The Out of the Wild website has more resources, support and daily devotions for you to start your mission. Please do check it out even if you are critical of God's POV and don't know Him as your loving Saviour. Blessings my brothers.

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