Friday, September 14, 2007

The Aussies Are Here!

Cyclone Aussie Cousins has hit America. The neighborhood is in a whirl and we love it. Little Cousin G. has already made friends with the little kidlets to the right. They think she talks funny so we had a little lesson on why people have different accents. Cousin G. felt better when she realised they weren't making fun of her, rather they thought it was adorable. Friends for life, I tell you, buddies, mates and all that.

Auntie Greta (check out Mom's 1942 Blog) unloaded one suitcase of clothes she had bought for the kids and I. Blimey Mate, we're going to look very Aussie soon. I think my accent is returning as well. In any case Mom's big sis (Tante Eta to me) has a gajillion stories to tell about WWII. I shall add those to Mom's blog later. Cousin S. and I are listening as the two sisters are recalling their nightmares of their imprisonment. But they are laughing too. Amazing!

So what do Aussies like to do when they visit the US? They SHOP! Oh my, do they shop. Like the land down under has no malls or something like that. They swear everything is cheaper here, which makes no sense to the Gatekeeper. Even $115 for four ounces of Christian Dior aftershave is not expensive in their minds.

In any case, there's Disneyland tomorrow, The LA County fair (in Orange County) on Sunday, Vegas on Monday, San Francisco (to visit Northern CA cousins) on Thursday and . . . I'm tired. I'll get back to you soon.

Aussie Talk:
Dear = Expensive
Screwing (don't even go there) = Haggling
Sultanas = Raisins
Lollies = Candy
Toilet = Bathroom
Holiday = Vacation

More later . . .

Ah, Would You Venture Into The Gatekeeper's Shoppe?

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Sharon Lynne said...

I'm excited about hearing those WWII stories!