Sunday, August 19, 2007


We cruised the fields of Stocker Farms and listened to a gazillion bands play from noon till midnight. Tasted exotic foods from Greece, Hawaii and the ice-cream man. There was enough dust in our hair, nostrils, on our feet and clothes to build our own sand box but we enjoyed every second of our family time together in the Washington sunshine.

Little cousin L. might have lost his Ipod thingy in my rental car so we are dealing with lost and found at Alamo (who by the way gave me a beautiful Cadillac SRX instead of a Kia Sportage for the same price). Cousin L. is very sad about this ordeal so we hope to find it soon.

Teenage cousin M. did a fantastic job setting up the worship tent, maintaining it, and choosing outstanding people to lead worship. I tried to make a video but I didn't have enough memory. More sadness. 13-year-old cousin R. took control of the prayer tent and did a fine job.

My young lord Layne, made sure he had his back stage pass, he also had a staff pass, and was able to rock out in the front row with all the best bands--Skillet, Pillar, Classic Crime and Esterlyn to name a few. Then at midnight he hung around the bonfire with all the cousins and friends with guitars. Movies played all night at the X-Stage which belonged to the unsigned bands (soon-to-be signed I'm sure).

Cousin C. gave us a place to stay for our last couple of days here. It's a beautiful loft with our own bathroom and mini kitchen and a home theater to die for. We are sooooo spoiled. And no creepy crawling thumping spiders in the loft. Lots of black berries to pick, apples and plums before we head home.

There are still over or close to 20 cousins we didn't get to spend or even see, but we have promised to come back for Christmas. Oy! I'm tired already. We should be heading out after Freedom Fest tonight (around 2am) for California because the friends who are picking us up on their way home from Alberta Canada have to be back at work by Tuesday morning. Got to get my rest now. We are loading up on Starbucks. See you back home and here's some fine tunes to keep us all awake!


Lady G~ said...

Wow! My Still Waters, G.I.Joe and The Warrior would flip at the thought of seeing Skillet, Esterlyn and Pillar. I mention those cause those are the only names I recognize. I don't do "too rock". But they like it and it's spreading the Word, so that's fine by me.

Did y'all get to go backstage?

The Gatekeeper said...

I was too shy to go backstage but little lord L. had an all access pass and actually went for a ride to the airport to pick up the guys and entourage from Pillar. He had fun. Yes, after two days of concerts, I realized I could go without. Still it was fun and quite a few kids answered the alter call. That's what the week-end was all about.

Lady G~ said...