Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Theater

Mother asked the other day, "What does one receive for their 50th anniversary?" We told her anything she wanted. Of course her grandchildren chose for her a home theater from the Gallery Furniture in Texas (as just an example). They always get excited when they read there's financing available. Go figure. She smiled, but Father and I have already decided. Since she's not keen on traveling, exotic island adventures is a no go.

Nonetheless, as she usually checks out furniture magazines Father is set on finally furnishing that empty formal dining room of hers. She's given us enough clues and family is willing to pitch in. Houston furniture seems to be her style and we thought we would browse a few of those pages at the Gallery. Apparently there are amazing closeout deals as well as store specials you should check out. And if you live in the vicinity (they have a map) same day delivery is possible.

In any case, as a little girl, Mother shared a good meal every evening in her family's dining room. It is time for her to return to such elegance even though she is perfectly content with what she has. Perhaps that is the reason we find a need to spoil her. Here's the Excelsior Collection we would most likely choose. Now there's some class and style. It's very similar to what her family had when they ruled their island in the East Indies. Her golden years will be better still as we try to bring a little bit of luxury back into her life.

There's a showroom floor or you can browse the furniture gallery online. Let me know what you decide on.

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