Tuesday, August 21, 2007

From Seattle to So Cal in 24 Hours

So we hitched a ride back to Southern Cal with a friend of mine who was making her way from Alberta, Canada, to Washington and eventually return with us to sunny California. We left the cozy drizzle of Seattle at 2:00 am Monday and reached LA around midnight Tuesday. A couple more hours on the road and we were home and the 100 degree weather. All in all we totalled 24 and half hours of driving time. It was quite an adventure--I'll never do it again.

In the meantime we left our shoes on Counsin C's front porch and one cell phone in her car. We forgot to pick her plum tree which literally broke in half because of its massive sweet harvest. Somewhere between Snohomish and Lynwood we lost an Ipod, our laundry and apparently our sanity.

Good news: I conquered my fear of flying.
Bad news: I found my fear for Rest Areas!

Our next big adventure--awaiting the arrival of cousins from Australia. That's a three-hour drive to LAX for pick-up, to start off said adventure. Then we'll take Aussie cousins to visit San Fran, Seattle, Oregon and Vegas cousins. Ooooh, I'm tired already but looking forward to every minute. We'll have to take school on the road with us for Lord Spanky.

Our little desert community is looking forward to welcoming my cousins from down under. We have street barbecues planned, pool parties and an intro to American, Mexican and Peruvian food. And a trip to Inn & Out, of course. I love my neighbors!


Lady G~ said...

My word you did that trip in 24 hours?! You must have carpal tunnel symptoms. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.

I'll NEVER forget our 17 hour motorcycle trip. We went from Ft. Polk, Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida on a Kawasaki 550. Below is a link to what it looked like. http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/kawasaki_gpz_550_1983.php
My "gluteus maximus" will never forget that trip either. LOL!

The Gatekeeper said...

Ouch! 17 hours on a motorcycle? You are brave. How many bugs were in your hair? LOL!

david santos said...

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Lady G~ said...

None, I wore a helmet. BUT I did eat protein in the form of a BUG! YUCK!!! Needless to say after that happened, we stopped at the closed cycle shop and bought a face shield. LOL!

Oh, and I'd an advocate for helmet wearing. I think those that don't wear one are fools. I know that sounds harsh, but there is no protection at all when you ride motorcycles. Wearing the proper gear could save your life. We would wear our boots, leather jacket, jeans, gloves and helmets. Riding a motorcycle is lots of fun, but one has to be as safe as you can. There are too many crazies out there. Ok, I need to get off my soapbox, sorry. :o)