Monday, July 02, 2007

The Family Book Cellar

This is the Gatekeeper's little press release: Sounds exciting doesn't it? We've started a new blog called The Family Book Cellar. It is our place to show off books authored by family and friends. Books by family are in Indonesian and Dutch, so we're waiting for the translated versions. And it's also where we'll be running our online business so we can keep Pieces of Me a little more personal. Our money making ventures will move over there even though it's hard work trying to get that good google page rank. Strangely, alexa has The Family Book Cellar at 18. Quick, start the car we stole one!

In any case, it's our goal to earn at least $400 a week with that blog, while also give weekly news reports, so wish us luck or send us your blessings.

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