Monday, July 02, 2007

Buy Your Car Portal

Ah those Brits have finally done it. Now all those wonderful people living abroad in the UK can buy Used Cars - New Cars - Contract Hire cars online. The latter, I believe, would refer to leasing a car (for all of us Yanks who need a little English lesson). Oh, just kidding. At any rate, it is rather a unique website, as one can do all of this through what has come to be known as the UK car portal at

Furthermore, for a small fee, one can sell your own car. Nice. Users to the site will have ample opportunity to make good decisions before buying as there are indepth reviews available for each car. And the amount of cars to choose from is quite an incredible list. I took a sneak peek and found an American made car in the mix. I would suppose that the steering wheel had to be placed on the other side of the car. So much fun.

Well, there you have it. Buying a car to your liking has never been easier. So good luck to all ye lords and ladies and hope you drive off in the proper vehicle. Cheers!

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