Monday, July 02, 2007

The Pesty Patrol

Lady Gatekeeper has many jobs. One being the upkeep of the castle. Before we captured our Fort in the desert we sold our lovely home to a fair family with five little ones of their own. Therefore, it was pertinent to rid that castle of all the little bugs in every nook and crannie. Particularly, those little slimy wormy (some had wings, I tell you) creatures that sing through wooden beams, we know as termites. Aaaaahhhh!.

In any case, Lady Gatekeep would like to inform you of the experts who would teach you about the borate termite treatment. It is a guide to get rid of those pesky termites. If it's the basics you need to know they have the info. By the time you finish running through their realm/domain/site you will know if your castle is infested, the improvements to make to keep from them from entering your dwelling place and even (most important indeed) they will explain how each product works. So educate yourself and keep those pests away.


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