Tuesday, July 31, 2007

After Harry Potter, Mariah Mundi Hits Gold

"The last time I held a book signing," says Mr. GP Taylor, "it took two days to sign all the pre-ordered stock for customers and the queues, at the launch, blocked the town center for hours."

This year's book signing will be different and "Mariah Mundi," according to many sources, is ready to be "Hotter than Potter." Here is the most fun information I tell you, from Mr. Taylor himself, on how he will introduce "Mariah Mundi" to his fans. It's a treasure hunt and wait till you hear what you're hunting. Read on and be amongst the lucky ones to find treasure. Enjoy!

This year, with my best-selling book "Wormwood" knocking JK Rowling from the number one slot in the paperback charts after selling 20,000 copies in one day, and "Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box" being tipped as a candidate to take over from Harry Potter, I have thought of a novel new way to beat the queues and give something special to my readers. Word of mouth still is the best way to sell a book and if the initial response to "Mariah Mundi" is to be believed, we could genuinely be looking at the book series that will replace "Harry Potter" at the top of every child's wish list.

On the 8th of September 2007, the Victorian seaside town of Scarborough will play host to a spectacular Treasure Hunt - just like in the book "Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box." Readers of GP Taylor hungry to get an autograph will have to track me down, hiding somewhere in the town. Clues will be given on the treasure map and super sleuths can find the answers in the pages of the book. This historical trail will lead readers to me and to The Midas Box. Fans will have a chance to turn their maps into unique prizes worth thousands of pounds.

All fans have to do is pre-order the book - that will be released earlier in Scarborough than anywhere else in the country and pick up a treasure map. Then they can set off on an 45 minute adventure around the town before finding the me...

Prizes include valuable original manuscripts worth thousands of pounds, limited edition books, games, toys and meals out.

I felt sorry for all the people who had to queue for hours at the last signing. This time I will be in town all day and people can pick up their map and find me at their leisure. We'll have the prize drawn at 4.00pm so it will be fun as well.

I have hundreds of collectors offering me thousands of pounds each year for manuscripts. This time I want to give something back to the readers for taking me to #1 yet again in the book charts. What a better way to launch a book than to get rid of the long queues and offer some great prizes. "Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box" has been tipped as a successor to Harry Potter. It's a book all about finding treasure. In this way the readers can join in the plot - just like the book.

Organizers are requesting that everyone who wants to take part should contact one of the participating bookshops and order a copy of the book and treasure map so as not to be disappointed--orders are brisk due to speculation about the book.

It is hoped that this novel way of launching "Mariah Mundi" will not only entertain fans but give them a chance of winning some valuable items. Order Your Copy Now! Prize Treasure Hunt.*


*Treasure Hunt. Saturday 8th September 2007

Join us in Scarborough - the setting for Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box on Saturday the 8th of September for a fantastic treasure hunt. We have prizes galore worth thousands of pounds and a chance to track down GP Taylor hiding somewhere in the town - just like our hero Mariah Mundi.

All you have to do is go to Harding's - Waterstones or WH Smith Bookshop Scarborough from 10.00am until 3.00pm on Saturday 8th September and pick up your free treasure map. You will need a copy of the book "Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box" to help you answer all the clues.


Then all you have to do is set off on your adventure to win a whole host of prizes and join in the fun.

First Prize. An autographed copy of the Mariah Mundi manuscript signed and doodled on by GP Taylor with an estimated value of thousands of pounds at auction when the series is complete.

Second Prize. An original Mount Publishing copy of "Shadowmancer" worth in excess of one thousand pounds. An autographed limited edition 'proof' manuscript of "The Curse of Salamander Street" by GP Taylor worth £600 pounds and a first edition copy of "The Tizzle Sisters and Erik" by GP Taylor worth £150.

Third Prize. An autographed limited edition 'proof' manuscript of "The Curse of Salamander Street" by GP Taylor worth £600 pounds

Fourth Prize. A limited edition copy of "The Tizzle Sisters and Erik."

Runners up prizes of a meal for four people at Tricolo's Restaurant. Toys - Games - Balloons - Badges - Bookmarks - Magic and lot's lot's more.

*All the book prizes come with full authentication and have been valued by book dealer AG Salmon.

Every correct treasure hunt map will be placed in The Midas Box and the winning entrants will be drawn at 4.00pm the same day at the secret location you have discovered. Just like in the book the Midas Box could turn your Treasure Map into gold...

Mariah Mundi goes on general release to the public on Monday 10th September.

Mariah Mundi - The Midas Box... is the hot new book from best-selling author GP Taylor who has been tipped as a candidate to take the crown from JK Rowling and Harry Potter. Set in a large hotel on the north east coast of England, Mariah Mundi is a classic adventure for children and adults to really enjoy.

The End . . .

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