Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rate Your Day, My Friends

Well, indeed, it's kind of fun to let the world know how you're feeling, especially when you are having a very nice day. Such is the case for me and therefore, I Rate My Day as very, very good--perhaps most excellent even. You see I am surrounded today by about 500 children who are at Church camp/VBS. Fun! You too can rate your day and show it off on your blog. And lest we forget, let me tell you, one and all, that they are having a super contest where the winner shall receive a Microsoft Zune media player. There's still a chance to win! You'll have to create an account, for free, and invite four friends. If you don't have a blog you'll have to invite 10 friends. Go here for more details. Have fun.

Click here to read my rating!


Blog Contests said...


your blog is flooded with payperpost and other stuff

The Gatekeeper said...

Um, that's kind of a strange comment. Still appreciated, but a little unfinished, I guess. Yes, this blog has a lot of pieces--thus the title. PayPerPost helps out with paying my bills and "other stuff" make up the pieces. And, trust me, there's a lot of pieces that make up my life as I'm sure they do yours. Thanks for stopping by though.