Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Writing For Father and Mother: Children of War

The photographs are black and white - faded - but it was obvious there were stories to be told. A love story between a rebel biker and a fashion designer. Their faces told me that love and happiness came after a lifetime of tragedy. They were children of war, young POWs. She lost her grandfather and later her father. He lost three sisters, and endured WWII without his father.

As they struggle to tell me the details of their lives, I am both amazed and astonished not only by their survival skills but by their courage. And after all was said and done, their faith, their love and their incredible ability to forgive inspired me to try to write the story of their lives.

Our local newspaper jumped on an article I wrote about a pastor, my father, of a small church in their community. For thirty years, he and Mother have faithfully served in this little church that stands like a small light house on a busy corner. Click here, if you like, to read "Paradise Interrupted."

Furthermore, some of you might know that we have started a blog for Mother titled, "If Mom Had A Blog In 1942." I hope you will visit her. We have dreams to turn her story into a book, even if we must self-publish for the sake of family history. This is WWII in the East Indies (Java, Indonesia) as seen through the eyes of a little girl.

Here are a few old photographs.


John Senior said...

Greetings Gate Keeper
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The Gatekeeper said...

Hi John Senior. Hopefully one day soon I will make it to Scarborough. Save me a table for 3 at the Golden Grid Fish Restaurant,okay. I haven't had fish and chips since I was a little girl. And yes, I am enjoying Mariah Mundi. We'll compare notes. Have a great and wonderful rest of the week.