Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed # 13

Thirteen Reasons Why I Would Get a Dear John Letter From EHarmony

1. I like to stay home and read a book

2. I have no pictures of myself and don't intend to take any in the near future

3. I'm from Generation ?

4. They can't find a man who matches my height

5. I still like heavy metal

6. My son is prettier than me

7. I haven't gone shopping for new clothes for a few years

8. I don't know my ethnic background! I was born in New Guinea to Dutch-Indonesian parents with a French name.

9. I speak backwards in complete sentences.

10. I forgot to finish my senior year of high school. It was all that traveling around the world stuff.

11. Apparently I have no personality

12. I haven't been on a date for six years

13. Oh bother, I probably can't afford it anyhow. LOL!! It's all good. I'm lovin' life as is.

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Stine said...

Do they still make new clothes? I've no idea what size I am these days... lol. Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

no personality?

PFT. They are overrated, I hear. LOL

Happy TT!

scooper said...

I put on some weight and refuse to shop until I lose it. The same goes for pictures. I'm not taking any.

JAM said...

I hear ya. I've been married for a long time. If I were single today, I'd be hopeless. I'm blessed with a great wife, but sure don't envy being single in the early 21st century.