Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beaches and Sandcastles

Today I built a few Sandcastles on a beautiful white sandy beach. I can still feel the velvety, cool grains as I dug my toes a few inches down. I had my little yellow pail filled with sand and my trusty green shovel right by its side. A few seagulls kept me company and a sea star decorated the castle door. There was a moat, there's always a moat, and a couple of green banners flew on the walls of my Castle by the Sea the kids and I christen "Chez Manor." I will breathe in that fresh air and wade in crystal blue waters all this blessed day.

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Well . . . not really. I did built my sandcastle though here on my virtual beach at Virtual Sand Castle. What say ye? Stands tall and mighty, don't you think? It was quite simple really to put it all together and fun, I might add. A word of warning: Don't build with your kids looking over your shoulder, it will never get done--they just keep adding pieces! And next time I shall stand the Gatekeeper on guard in front of the castle door. In any case, it's an e-card and it's free to build. Very creative. There are a gazillion little extras you could add and play with. Too much fun for a Gatekeeper who longs for crisp ocean breezes. Come join me.

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Janey Loree said...

Hi Lady Gatekeeper! I just finished a long post about our 1st day of Summer!

I wanted to let you know that their is a new BLOG VILLAGE interview that has gone live and still there are no comments. I was hoping that you had a few minutes to go over and let Janie at Colloquium know that we appreciate her and her blog.

Have a peaceful and cool 2nd day of Summer!!!