Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Teen Card

This has been the greatest invention since ice-cream. It's the Visa Buxx Teen Prepaid card. Does it frighten you to have your teen with a credit card? Nothing to fear, my friends. It's a debit card, really--one can only spend what is actually in the account. It's a great tool for teaching financial responsibility to your teen. And better still, parents have complete control--activity on the card, how and where the money is spent can be viewed online or is just a phone call away.

Furthermore it is essential to have this card in case of emergencies, as you are the one who could deposit extra money online. My Princess was on a mission trip in Thailand and needed more funds. I simply went to our account at Visa Buxx and transferred the money. A life saver in our case. And speaking of my daughter, she had a teen prepaid card when she was fourteen (if I remember correctly) and, no doubt, has taught her a sound lesson in finances. She's nineteen now with great credit. My son, fourteen now, will be the next to get this card. I highly recommend it. Blessings to all.

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