Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Desert Champs!

It was cold in the desert this morning. A hawk circled nearby and the fire red ants nibbled at our toes, or tried to (there's an ant graveyard under my shoes). And furthermore, killer gnats fought for land rights with us mere humans.

Spanky's team, the White Sox, were due on the field by 8:00am. We are a little ways from the ball park so our journey started at 7:15. Yawn! Everyone was nervous. Parents gathered an hour early and we did not say much--very eerie and quiet morning in desert country. The boys in black, our boys, were major under dogs, the small scrappy team, with no sponsors. The Red Team, a recruited team (every kid could pitch) with four coaches, had really big boys and each with their own equipment bags filled with bats, balls etc.

Spanky was a tad bit nervous. Breakfast was a forced but a necessary thing. They had lost to the Red Team 10-11 last time and he had forgotten to eat. From the beginning of the season the Red Team was highly favored to win that first-place trophy.

Not on this day, and not against this under dog. We played with heart and our young scrappers just wanted it more. Our baby boys got hit after hit, stolen bases, and two homeruns. Red Team had the right players to score a bunch in a hurry and our boys knew it. The pitchers held it together and we seemed to have crushed their spirit. In the end a 12 run lead was too much for them to overcome and the White Sox triumphed 12-2. The under dog wins! Our boys rule the Desert!


Sharon Lynne said...

Congratulations to the team. They really deserved a good game, after their recent experience (referring to the post below),

Yeaaaaaaah team!

Lady G~ said...

Woooo Hoooo!!!! Way to go Champs! God is good... ALL the time!

I havne't been online lately, lots is going on. I just read your previous post 6/6. I'm going to share that with my Knight. He's an umpire and he's also the president of the little league in our city. There has to be something you can do about the way that team behaved and the way the ump umped. That is just not right. I'll let you know what he says.

Lady G~ said...

I asked my Knight about the ump and the other team. If it's a little league, you need to report both to the president of that league and to the district. They have a book called Baseball: Official Regulations and Playing Rules for all divisions of little league baseball. They have sections there about code of conduct, good sportsmanship and about umps. If no one reports them, they'll continue to get aways with it. Not good.

If it's a traveling league like Babe Ruth, AAU, Pony or something along those lines, their rules a little more slack. But you could still report them.

It's sad to hear that things like this happen. People forget that it's not about them, it's about the players. Some managers or coaches forget that it's up to them to "help" their players learn discipline. Of course the ultimate person who is responsible are the players and their parents.

Very sad...

The Gatekeeper said...

Yes, I hear you Lady G. Thanks for checking into this. Here's the sad news, however, our board told us not to file any complaint. So we dropped the whole thing. But you are right, ultimately the parents are responsible for behavior on and off the field.

The championship game made us all proud. The kids shook hands with the other team before the game and both teams said "good luck" to each other. There was absolutely nothing said (talking smack) throughout the game. Parents from both sides stood behind home plate and interacted. No umps were yelled at. It was strange and wonderful.

Two other umpires came to watch the game and said that everything felt really nice and they were proud to ump in our league. I have to tell you that my daughter and I prayed that no matter what the outcome we wanted peace and a joyful heart for each kid.

Both teams got together after the game and had pizza. And we restored that spirit to the Red Team that seemed to have been crushed in the game. Pretty cool huh?

Thanks again, Lady G.