Monday, June 18, 2007

Survival Mode

She is in a city unfamiliar. The horrible nightmare continues when she realizes that all her accounts have been frozen. ATM?--worthless. There is no place to call home and in a city of thousands she cannot find one friend. She must look for a job. Yes, that's it. Is there anybody who might need a Gatekeeper? Will work in the rain but please provide an umbrella. Oh bother, nothing in the classifieds about Gatekeepers. Looks like she'll be heading for the local church then. No, one moment please. There's the door to the local newspaper. She will write a brilliant column and convince the editor that Lady Gatekeeper is the best reporter this side of Eden.

Ah, it would work so much better if Lady G. had been a CIA agent or something just like that character in USA Network's Burn Notice. Yeah, that would work. Then the Lady could put all that special ops training into helping others (for a fee of course). She would find a new identity and go after the bad guys who dared to terminate her. Better still, she could trade her little putter (her car) for a mini coop and . . . wait, that's a whole other conspiracy. Well, Michael Westin (Jeffrey Donovan) gets his Burn Notice and he'll show you how to survive, better than the Gatekeeper, I suspect.

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