Monday, June 18, 2007

A Conversation: Pan's Labyrinth

So we won't actually say this is a review of the Fantasy movie "Pan's Labyrinth," we shall just have a conversation about it--of sorts.

Just to let you know I am listening to the haunting soundtrack at this very moment. It is creepy in a most inspiring way. Very emotional to say the least.

And now to the beginning. "Pan's Labyrinth" will captivate you from the opening credits. The music, the feel, the cinematography grabs you immediately. You know that there is no way around tragedy but you are doomed to see the outcome--Shakespeare would have been proud.

I love how the lines between reality and fantasy is absolutely blurred. Is Ofelia in a magical kingdom or is this real? The young child is trying to escape the horror of Spain's civil war and her ruthless stepfather, a tyrannical military captain. Is she the long lost daughter (a Princess?) of a King whose Kingdom lay deep beneath our surface? Her bravery speaks for itself. This is how she deals with the killing of innocent lives, with the brutality of war, with the bloodshed at her own door. She longs to be a Princess in a perfect world where she lives in a golden palace where her mother is Queen, her real father the King. Will she find her way home?

Rent the DVD, buy the DVD, this one is worth it. "Pan's Labyrinth" won three Academy Awards--best cinematography, best art direction, and best makeup. Ivana Baquero, who plays young Ofelia, should have won the best actress category. That's my POV. One more thing, the movie is in Spanish but the subtitles won't get in your way.

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