Monday, June 18, 2007

99 Balloons

Thanking God through the hard times. Amazing! Be prepared. Thanks to The Sisters Weblog for reminding me about this one. Blessings, my friend.

Day three and already missing him. Blah! He's having a nice summer with his Dad.


Sharon Lynne said...

Yes...I've seen 99 balloons. It's such a heartmoving film. I don't think I could get through it again. I learned a lot from it. Things you cannot put into words.

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm hogging your comment area. I just wanted to say, about that post regarding the Father's dance.

What's Up? We so want our children to be happy...and to have that "happy family". It's painful when one thinks on those things.

But we must accept things the way they are.

Sigh...I just ran into a friend at the market. She told me her daughter just graduated college with straight A's and will be going into an exciting career. Then she what is your son doing now?

The Gatekeeper said...

Double sigh! Boy, leaving everything in God's hands is soooo hard and yet so simple. We are in this life together, my friend. God be with us.